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We here at MCSP are very fortunate to have a caring and fully accredited Before School Care Program. Professional staff care for the students in the morning from 6.00am up to 8:45am. We offer a caring environment, where supervised group and individual play is encouraged. Children have a range of activities to choose from, such as painting, craft, reading, as well as the opportunity for both indoor and outdoor play. Areas are available for quiet activities such as reading and homework. Out door play is encouraged when weather is favourable.

Breakfast is provided, consisting of cereals, toast, fresh fruit, orange juice and milk. We use the mornings as an oportunity for the children to develop life skills by giving them the opportunity to make their own breakfast. Cereal and Juice are self serve and with carer supervision the children make their own toast, scrambled eggs and porrige in the colder months. Pancakes and other special items are also enjoyed on special occasions


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