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After School and Holiday Care Mackay operates at 43 Shakespeare Street at the Shakespeare Child and Family Centre.  It offers Before, After School and Vacation Care for Victoria Park, Central SS, and St Marys Catholic School and the local community. 

Hours of Operation

  • Before School Care 6.00 am. – 8.45 am.

  • After School Care 2.30 pm. - 6.00 pm

  • Vacation Care and Pupil Free days - is provided between 6.00 am. - 6.00 pm.

ASHC Mackay operates under the NQF guidelines and uses the My Time Our Place Framework as the basis for programming.  The My Time Our Place Framework supports the ongoing development of children in school age care services. It ensures that they have opportunities to participate in leisure and play-based activities that are responsive to their needs, interests, and choices.

The Management Committee
After School and Holiday Care Mackay is a “Not for Profit” community based organisation.  The Annual General Meeting is held in March of each year.  The Management Committee is composed of parents, or interested community members.  The Management Committee meets monthly.   All parents are welcome to attend.  This enables you to be active participate in the consultative process.  Every attempt is made to ensure  information is passed on to parents verbally, noticeboard, flyers, facebook and newsletters.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy statement provides the foundation for all activities, policies and procedures of the Service. Wherever there is uncertainty as to the Service’s policy or procedures on any issue, the Service uses these principles and philosophies to help resolve the issue. The written policies and procedures of the Service have been developed, and will be monitored and reviewed with these values in mind.

Therefore we aim to:

  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment for every child

  • Foster positive self-esteem and a strong sense of identity in each child

  • Meet the individual needs of all children and their families as a priority

  • Employ staff who will engage children in a range of exciting and stimulating activities whilst caring for the social, physical and emotional well-being of each child;

  • Work together as a team developing each other’s skills, strengths and to continually build on our professional knowledge and reflective practice.

  • Emphasise the development of life skills as well as a sense of enjoyment.

We recognise:

  • The child’s inherent right to feel safe, protected and content and cared for in their environment.

  • The importance of child-centred play as well as more structured activities in a child’s development.

  • The importance of social and emotional development and communication in learning through play and leisure.

  • That involvement of families and community in the development of our programs, in an ongoing partnership based on effective communication, will result in continuous improvement for the Centre.

  • The importance of a child being in an environment centred on core values of dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality.

  • The value of ensuring that staff are given opportunities for professional development and supported so that they grow as leaders and carers and are therefore able to maintain high standards of resources and programs for the children;

We are committed to:

  • Providing a quality, fun program that allows the children to choose how their time will be spent at OSHC

  • Ensuring that Management support and communicate effectively with parents, children and staff.

  • Providing a stimulating environment where children can be challenged and guided to develop skills in their social, physical and cognitive development

  • Ensuring that children within in our service are engaged in quality experiences for rich learning, personal development and citizenship opportunities.

  • Providing activities that will encourage involvement of all children, drawing on the various cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Give us a call:
(07) 49511489 or

In The

My Time Our Place Outside School Hours Care Framework





Links to schools we service

Victoria Park S.S


Central S.S


ST Marys Catholic School

Our Educators

The Management Committee employs the staff of the Program.  The educators are experienced in providing care and recreational activities for children.  All educators have or are working towards a Qualification in Children’s services and will be in possession of a current “Working with Children” Blue Card.  The Program Coordinator is responsible for overall conduct of the Program and is the person with whom parents should communicate regarding the Program and matters affecting their children.


Erin Rutherford

Assistant Coordinator

Karen Fisher

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