The Active After-school Communities program was introduced in 2005 with 900 primary schools and Out of School Hours Care Services participating around Australia.

The AASC program is offered as a free service, as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of Australian children. The Provides AASC program inclusive activities to engage children of all abilities.

MCSP has 4 staff that are qualified community coaches each term we run up to 2 different activities some of the sports we have participated in are Archery, Fishing, Basketball, Golf, Football and Tao Kwon Do.

There are many negative messages about media, and how viewing and interacting with it might harm your child but carefully chosen TV programs, movies and computer games offer many developmental and social benefits. TV programs and movies that give your child the chance to explore places, animals, people, ideas, issues and cultures he couldn’t see or connect with otherwise can inspire him to try new activities and engage in new ideas. This can be done through playing, creating something or finding out more about a topic.
At MCSP we use the children's interest in technology and try to create an environment where they can learn and grow using the technology. We have 3 computers that the children can access that are connected to the internet the children are able to use this technology to do research for assignments and an Xbox Kinect that engages children with technology but requires them to actively participate in the game. The benefits of intellectual benefits – for example, developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills by playing computer games, or developing morals by comparing family values with those found in fiction and documentary content
The benefits of using technology far out way the risks. The educational benefits – for example, encouraging reading, particularly after watching a program or movie based on a book
Social benefits – for example, joining online clubs such as Club Penguin or Skoodle, which teach children strategies for effectively and safely using social networking sites, or playing computer games with friends and family
Creative benefits – for example, developing skills in imagination, art and modelling, music and media, through using software to create a picture, or being inspired to make something by a TV show.
Before children can access the internet they need to complete a computer contract which outlines rules and acceptable behaviours while on the internet

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