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Our After School Care Program runs from 2:30pm to 6:00pm Monday to Friday during school term and pupil free days.

At MCSP we provide safe, structured activities in the after school hours and offer children opportunities to learn new skills.

The children are collected from their school  either by bus or staff will walk them back to the service. on arrival the children will have a short group time where we discuss topics relevent to the children or pass on any messages. The children will then be offered a healthy snack for afternoon tea after which they can engage in any activities of their choosing.

The skills students learn can range from technology and math to reading and art. Out Of School Hours care emphasises play, social interaction and recreation. Activities are organised in small and large groups, or children may choose quiet time by themselves (eg to read and do homework). There is a weekly program in the parent area which outlines the planned activites for the week most of the activities the children engaged in are self selected and based on their current needs and interests

A typical days activities could include:

  • Art and craft

  • Cooking

  • Drama

  • Dance

  • Computers

  • Games

  • Music

  • Reading

  • Sport.


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